NovaSense: Threat Prevention

NovaSense is a threat intelligence platform that provides threat feeds, analytics and ML-driven analysis of attackers, malware hosts, botnets, and abusers.

Threat Feed Explanation

The NovaSense threat feeds are IP addresses that firewalls, ADCs, security operations centers and other systems can block and monitor to prevent attacks. These are made up of data collected from online, intelligence data from Nova WAFs, Aria WAFs, honeypots, and from Snapt threat indicators. These feeds are then analysed, tested and augmented by the NovaSense threat engine to deliver intelligent threat feeds.

Threats are updated hourly, and the lists are available in 1 day, and 7 day format for public consumption, or live for private users. The less time you allow the less false positives you are likely to have, but the less hosts you will generally block.

Pre-emptive Protection with NovaSense

NovaSense is constantly and quickly updating with the latest intelligence information on known and suspected threats. This allows you to establish a second layer of protection on your network - a pre-emptive attack list which you can use to completely block all types of threats from your networks and applications.

"Snapt uses NovaSense to mitigate DoS and botnet attacks from clients, as well as block known threats from reaching clients application servers. Pre-emptively blocking known compromised hosts provides an excellent threat reduction tactic for our clients", Dave Blakey, Snapt CEO.

Property Protection with Intelligence Feeds

NovaSense has a massive list of compromised and abusive hosts, and NovaSense Intel attaches those to hosting companies and cloud providers. These lists can them be subscribed to (monthly or yearly cost) in order for hosting companies to rapidly remove abusive hosts from their network.

This fast reaction time helps to save costs (abusive hosts consume far above the mean compute and bandwidth of an instance) as well as reduce the risk of being blacklists, having complaints filed, and more.


Snapt develops high-end solutions for application delivery. We provide load balancing, web acceleration and security for critical applications in next-gen deployments.

The NovaSense lists are made available by Snapt, and are used in the Snapt Nova product. Try the free WAF from Nova if you are worried about your web apps security.

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