Why NovaSense

NovaSense is a threat intelligence platform that provides threat feeds, analytics and ML-driven analysis of attackers, malware hosts, botnets, and abusers.

Fast Pace

NovaSense threat feeds are constantly updated throughout the day, meaning you get live feeds of threats to your network or abusers on your platform. We use our live network of thousands of connected devices to detect real threats in real-time.

Ultimately, this delivers fast and powerful layer of protection for your systems, with very high accuracy and threats not listed anywhere else.


NovaSense threat feeds are priced to be accessible to small, medium and large enterprises. Datacenter and cloud intelligence helps you to save money, and our threat feeds protect businesses of all sizes from denial of service and intrusion attempts.

Talk to us to learn more about NovaSense pricing.


NovaSense is a Snapt product. Snapt is a leading ADC vendor specializing in next-gen application delivery and security.

NovaSense threat feeds are used in Snapt Nova and Snapt Aria to provide both general and 0-day protection to Snapt users, and you will be benefiting from the same security features and support.


NovaSense threat feeds are so much more than a list of IP addresses like many IP abuse or threat feeds are. Snapt automatically collects threat intelligence from a vast network of ADCs, honeypots, and feeds to provide accurate intelligence that's unavailable anywhere else.

These intelligence feeds are analyzed and optimized by our ML-engine in order to provide you bleeding-edge threat intelligence and protection.

They are then categorised, probed and scored based on their activities, fingerprint, history and more.


Choose your threat types, score threshold, age and more when creating your threat feeds in order to truly customize your level of protection and balance threat coverage against exhaustive lists.