Compromised Hosts on Surfshark Ltd.

NovaSense provides hosting company alert subscriptions for cloud and datacenter hosts to be alerted of malware, botnets and compromised hosts in their network.

This is a summary of the known compromised hosts belonging to Surfshark Ltd..

Subscription Options

NovaSense can automatically track and alert you to new compromised or abusive hosts on your network. You will receive notifications of new threats as they are detected, as well as access to the full list of infected addresses on your network.

This allows providers to take pro-active action against botnets, attackers, and abusers on their networks.

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Average Risk Score

HIGH (66)

Compromised Locations

Location Addresses
Philippines 22
India 9
Macao 7
Peru 7
Mexico 7
Bhutan 6
Laos 6
Cambodia 6
Chile 6
Panama 6
Mongolia 5
Sri Lanka 4
Bahamas 4
Brunei 4
Greenland 4
Isle of Man 4
Montenegro 4
Myanmar 4
Pakistan 4
Ecuador 3
Egypt 3
Costa Rica 3
Algeria 3
Andorra 3
Nepal 1
Malta 1

Threat Intelligence

Metric Value
Publicly Accessible SSH 0
Webservers 0