NovaSense Threat Feeds

NovaSense Light Feeds are freely provided by Snapt. You may download the raw IP list, or the gz compressed list. These are typically used to block bad IP addresses on a firewall or ADC. Hosts are broken down into 4 categories, which are explained on the Threat Categories page.

Threat Feeds

Name Addresses Time period Type Action
novaSense-abusers-7d 36,579 7 days abusers
novaSense-botnets-7d 1,897 7 days botnets
novaSense-malware-7d 2,048 7 days malware
novaSense-threats-7d 92,474 7 days threats
novaSense-abusers-1d 11,754 1 day abusers
novaSense-botnets-1d 1,860 1 day botnets
novaSense-malware-1d 2,044 1 day malware
novaSense-threats-1d 62,106 1 day threats

Paid Threats

To select lists based on threat score, custom times, and to receive the latest updates and/or full list of threats you must have a subscription. Paid feeds can also be exported as CSV files with data for SIEM platforms like RSA Netwitness.